Utility Distribution System (UDS)

A configuration module designed to provide single point connections for combined utility supply sources including Gas, Electricity, Hot water, Cold water, Steam and other media. Offering flexibility, expandable, safety, cleanliness and user-friendly interconnectivity, this distribution system will answer the needs of any kitchen operator. The SDU is offered in a various combinations including wall mount and island.

UB Series - This series is equipped with exposed point-of-use circuit breakers and receptacles mounted on common interchangeable plates along the face of the raceway. The circuit breakers are fed from insulated busbars located in the raceway, and both the circuit breakers and receptacles are provided with moisture resistant covers. Both the breakers and electric receptacles are installed in “Easy-Move” mounting plates so that they may be easily repositioned when cooking equipment is relocated or added.

UH Series - This series features an end riser mounted breaker panel, making all breakers accessible through the riser access door. The receptacles are individually wired (hard wired) to the breakers and are mounted on movable plates. The circuit breaker panel is provided with additional capacity so that circuit breakers can be added when the cooking equipment line-up is added or modified.

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What the UDS can do for you

The Cadexair UDS, in island mount of wall mount configuration, offers many advantages over the contractor built wall, including:

  • Coordination - Each unit is custom designed, ensuring space, function, and service compatibility with the cooking equipment line-up.
  • Versatility - All electrical and plumbing services can be easily relocated or expanded for rearrangement of the cooking equipment, or adding additional equipment to an existing line-up.
  • Safety - UL, ULC, NSF and CSA listed. Complies with NEC and AGA thereby assuring acceptance by local authorities.
  • Easy Installation - Single point field connection for all utilities (gas, electrical, hot and cold water, steam, condensate return, compressed air and chilled water).
  • Compatibility - Perfect fit between the exhaust hood and the risers.
  • Accessibility - Lift out inspection panels allow easy access to all plumbing and electrical components in both the raceway and the risers.
  • Cleanliness - Quick disconnect fittings with flexible hoses and power cords allow the equipment to be easily moved for cleaning or maintenance.
  • Tax Incentive - The UDS is classified as an appliance and can be put on a seven year depreciation life, improving the rate of return unlike a contractor built wall.