V a r i a b l e  F l o w  S o l u t i o n s


NEW!  D-tech (Patented in Canada)

By detecting movement under the hood, D-tech is able to slow down or speed up ventilation at the appropriate time whenever needed, leading to considerable savings in energy and money. With the improvements it delivers in airflow, speed, efficiency and cost, it’s no wonder more and more people are converting to D-tech. Join the revolution by choosing D-tech for your kitchen.


 D-tech panflet


Most kitchen air extraction systems work at 100 % between 12 to 18 hours a day. When they are activated, they work at maximum speed up to the end of the working day, regardless of the cooking equipment used.

The SMART system is conceived to automatically vary the air extraction and supply according to demand, which ensure up to 70 % energy savings annually.


Other Variable Flow Solutions

Cadexair can design and build a custom solution matching your exact needs and budget with our in-house qualified engineers and technicians.

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