Zoneflow Motorized Dampers

The Cadexair Zoneflow is designed to be installed in a commercial kitchen NFPA-96 central exhaust fan duct system up stream of each hood to automatically or manually modulate and/or balance the exhaust air volume between the multiple hoods connected to the common fan.

The ZM Zoneflow is a UL/ULC listed automatic balancing damper designed for a NFPA-96 grease duct. The ZM Zoneflow can be supplied loose to be welded into the grease duct between the hood and exhaust fan or welded directly to the exhaust duct collar of any Cadexair hood. The ZM Zoneflow provides automatic modulation of the commercial kitchen hood exhaust volume.



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  Engineering & Maintenance Manual

Geo-Vary Modular Grease Extractor

This unique engineered design effectively captures oil and grease minimizing maintenance costs of the air extraction system. Improve the air extraction capacity of your hood by reducing the admissible air flow through the Geo-Vary without reducing the performance of capturing oil and grease compare with conventional degreasers.


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 GEO-VARY Pamphlet

Bio-Vent Self-Cleaning System

The Bio-Vent is a triple action system allowing enhanced cleanliness, greater efficiency and maximum savings!

The Bio-Vent self-cleaning exhaust hood is equipped with GEO-VARY modular grease extractors and a cleaning system which uses cold water and natural products to dissolve accumulated grease. This new generation of kitchen exhaust hood, compatible with natural water treatment methods, is used more and more often by companies and organizations concerned with the quality of the environment. When compared to hot water wash exhaust hood, the lower capital outlay and operating costs, combined with its unequalled performance, make Bio-Vent the best and most economical solution for commercial kitchen exhaust hoods.

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  BIO-VENT Pamphlet