Centrifugal Upblast or Wall Exhaust Series

Our centrifugal fans series is designed for medium to high pressure applications. They can be either roof or wall mounted. While suitable for general ventilation, our centrifugal fans series is specifically designed to discharge contaminated or grease-laden air or fumes up and away from building surfaces.

The optional “Fatrap” (UL762) restaurant grease exhaust configuration (see Fatrap Configuration) makes our centrifugal fans series particularly suited for all food service applications.

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Centrifugal Utility Series

Dynamo centrifugal fans are SWSI, Class I, Arrangement 9 and 10 general purpose air moving devices.  They are used for supply or exhaust applications in commercial, institutional and industrial HVAC systems.

The fan wheel, venturi inlet, housing and frame are engineered to provide maximum performance and reliability.

Dynamo centrifugal blowers are designed and built to provide the end user with a highly efficient and extremely reliable air moving unit.  Each Dynamo is fully assembled, factory set at the specified RPM and test run prior to shipment.

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Heavy-Duty Supreme Series

This exceptional, heavy duty, curb mounted exhaust blower system is easily installed, delivers efficient performance and offers easy access for cleaning and servicing. The GBD, with static pressure capabilities to 5” w.g., is available in seven sizes from 12” – 30” and in CFM ranges from 500 – 14,000.

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  In-Line Series

Mixed flow fans are becoming a popular choice on many air supply, return, general and grease-laden exhaust and laboratory exhaust applications in the HVAC industry for both constant or variable air volume systems. The efficiency and sound characteristics of the mixed flow fans are often desired in buildings such as hospitals, libraries, theaters, and general offices.

Aerovent Type AMX Mixed Flow Fan combines the benefits of axial flow and centrifugal flow fans. The AMX has the advantage of the compact design and straight-through airflow as well as the preferred acoustic characteristics and high pressure capability. AMX fans offer superior air and sound performance and the AMCA certified rating seal for air and sound.

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