High-Efficiency Three Stages Particulate Air Filtration Series

The unit is constructed of 16 gauge steel inner shell, continuously welded and liquid tight in accordance with the NFPA-96. The outside of the unit is wrapped in 1.5” insulation and 18 gauge steel protective covering primed and painted. The unit is supported by cannels running along the length of each side. Lifting and support points are at the four corners of the KES-ISH Enviro Filter Unit at the ends of these channels. No external isolation of the unit is required. The two access doors are double wall construction with 1.5” insulation and cam lock doors fasteners per the ULC fire rated listing. A fusible link fire damper is located at the outlet of the KES-ISH. The link temperature is 165F and is accessible through the prefilter/bag filter access door.

Pressure tubing from the pressure switches is run inside along the top of the unit to pressure probes located in front and behind each filter section. The Firestat is located at the exhaust inlet end and mounted on the same side as the CC20 panel.

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  KES Series Manual  |  KES Series Engineering Manual |  KES Series Maintenance Manual

High-Efficiency Electrostatic and Particulate air filtration Series

Cadexair manufactures two types of pollution control units, the PES Series (electrostatic precipitator) detailed in this brochure and the KES Series (triple pass filter) detailed in the KES Series brochure. The PES Series removes smoke particulate by high-voltage ionization using electrostatic cells, and the KES Series by mechanical filtration, using a series of high efficiency filters. Both units are available with odor control and built-in exhaust fan. PES units have a higher first cost than KES. However, filtration units require frequent replacement of filters, thereby generating additional costs in materials, labor and filter disposal.

The Cadexair Pollution Control Unit, PES Series, is available in sizes from 1000 to 32,000 CFM and may include odor control and/or an exhaust fan as an option.

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  PES Series Pamphlet